Laurel Felt | Doctoral student at USC Annenberg

…and away we go!

It’s hard to believe that my summer in Africa is just around the corner: T minus 2 days and counting…

I understand this opportunity as an incredible learning adventure.

I expect to listen more than I speak, learn more than I teach, laugh, dance, eat, share, and hopefully — fervently, sincerely, hopefully — leave my new home a bit better than how I found it.

Not because I have all the answers. But because, as scholars in asset-based community development, positive deviance, social & emotional intelligence, and public health have empirically shown, communities are already resource-rich and possess their own answers. When it comes to addressing social problems, improving our quality of life — in short, making the world a better place, we don’t need some foreign panacea*; as so many PG-rated movies saccharinely expound, the magic is inside us. We need to enrich the intrapersonal and the interpersonal. That is the key. That is my “mission.”

…and away we go!

*except, of course, when we absolutely do